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Jaffer Khan Colony | Calicut | Kerala | India

Sexologist Doctor - Sexology Clinic

CALL FOR APPOINTMENT: +91 9349113791


For more than 50 years, people from all walks of life have found answers at ROY MEDICAL HALL.

Here are some reasons why more and more people each year choose ROY MEDICAL HALL for their personal sexual difficulties:

Experienced doctors in Unani System of Medicine

ROY MEDICAL HALL doctors cover virtually every Sexual disorder. Our clinic treats large numbers of people, giving our doctors extensive experience in treating your condition.

We take the time you need

ROY MEDICAL HALL doctors take the time to listen and thoroughly understand your sexual health issues and concerns and provide you with an unhurried consultation.

Satisfied patients and an unparalleled experience

Our patients tell us that the quality of our interactions, attention to detail and the efficiency of their visit mean health care like they've never experienced.

Innovation and research

ROY MEDICAL HALL's mission is to keep looking for new and better ways of doing things. Our doctors are always engaged in research.

Our patients are frequently among the first to benefit from innovative ideas and the latest research generated by our doctors.

Some people have told us they found this difficult to believe until they came to ROY MEDICAL HALL and experienced it firsthand.

We have completed golden jubilee in Unani Health service, and we’ve treated people from every Indian state and from around the world, and those people tell us they are highly satisfied with their experience

ROY MEDICAL HALL always follows local standards of medical confidentiality to protect the privacy of patients.

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Jaffer Khan Colony

Calicut. 673006, Kerala, India


Consultation Timing

Daily : 11:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Sunday : Holiday


Call for Appointment:

+91 93491 13791

+91 88484 73488

+91 88933 11666


ऑनलाइन परामर्श फार्म

ईमेल भेजने के लिए कृपया सभी सवाल के जवाब दे,अन्यथा आप ईमेल भेज नहीं सकते

नर महिला
वैवाहिक स्थिति
विवाहित अविवाहित
आप शाकाहारी हैं या माँसाहारी
शाकाहारी मांसाहारी
आपकी भूख कैसी है?
अच्छी खराब
आपकी शारीरिक बनावट कैसी है?
मोटा पतला
क्या आपको कब्ज़ की समस्या है?
हाँ नहीं
क्या आपको अनिद्रा की समस्या है?
हाँ नहीं
क्या आपको उच्च रक्तचाप की समस्या है?
हाँ नहीं
क्या आपको मधुमेह है?
हाँ नहीं
क्या आपको अत्यधिक पेशाब की समस्या है?
हाँ नहीं
क्या आपको स्वप्न-दोष की समस्या है?
हाँ नहीं
क्या आपको शीघ्रपतन की समस्या है?
हाँ नहीं
क्या आपको यौन कमजोरी (शक्तिहीनता) की समस्या है?
हाँ नहीं
क्या आप कभी यौन रोगों (गुप्त रोग) से पीड़ित हो चुके है?
हाँ नहीं
क्या आप किसी नशीले पदार्थ के आदी हैं?
हाँ नहीं

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