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Let's deal with erection problems first. Generally, in an active life where there are many stressors, we have problems with functionality in all aspects from time to time. Sometimes we can't focus, sometimes we have moments of disarray, we lose control, we snore, and we can't sleep or communicate effectively.

All of these effects of stress can occur sexually as well. If excess alcohol is also present, it is possible to experience an erection problem manifested by a total lack or loss of erection during intercourse.

Being just a symptom of stress, a result of circumstances at the moment, having trouble with an erection for the first time, the only thing one should think about is how to make himself less stressed, tired, or a drinker.

But many men are afraid and think that they have impotence, they have a bigger problem. Then they thought in their mind that they will have a problem with erection and next time they will not do it, they will get a failure, they will laugh, it was a sign of sexual impotence.

These negative thoughts will automatically pop into your mind the next time you try to make love. Having excessively negative thoughts will generate negative feelings, fear, anxiety, or nervousness. With a harmonious sex life, fear and nervousness are incompatible with a good erection. It's hard to get an erection when you die of fear or even when you're a little scared. I advise you: to change your way of life to a healthier one.

To get rid of stress and anxiety, I suggest you call some psychological counseling sessions. So, that way you'll understand what's going on in your mind, why you're under so much stress, you'll learn to communicate more efficiently and you'll have the tools to control your emotions and relax.

Excessive help can lead to more movement and more fun, enjoyable activities. Avoiding excess alcohol, tobacco and coffee can be of great help. In the case of premature ejaculation, it is accompanied by low self-control with too much stimulation.

Regarding strong arousal, it is typical for young people who have sex for the first time or rarely. The most dangerous assumption is that it can't get better if you can't control ejaculation. When someone thinks they can't do better, they won't put in the necessary effort to make things better. Or, in this case, constant efforts are needed. Self-control is not achieved overnight.

Every minute of prolonging the moment of ejaculation requires effort and perseverance.

First of all, I recommend you practice postponing ejaculation using masturbation. Have sex with your partner. You will need to change positions as often as possible, take breaks to replace penetration with mangling, and communicate these things with your partner so that he or she is understanding, patient, and supportive.

I also recommend self-relaxation with specific self-suggestion, techniques you can learn during psychological counseling sessions and help keep you better emotional during intercourse. “Acceptance” is the second most important word in resolving erectile dysfunction – because once you are aware of your suffering, you must learn to accept it.

"Acceptance" is a difficult word. Thinking about the words "I have an erection problem" can make you feel embarrassed. This may be because erections are closely related to our identity as men. As a result, difficulty getting an erection, whatever the reason, can cause men to claim that it is not a serious issue or that it does not exist at all. But if there is, and one is suffering from erectile dysfunction, ignoring it doesn't help.

It is important to accept the reality of the situation and be honest with yourself. Only then can you take important steps to rekindle the passion for your sex life. What do you think? Can erectile dysfunction be treated exclusively through self-confidence or necessary medicines and doctors? Psychogenic erectile dysfunction is the most common type of impotence in young men.

The mechanisms of erection rarely malfunction before the age of 30 or 40, due to vascular risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, and lack of exercise.

The effect of these factors on the blood vessels makes it take longer to reduce sexual activity. In the long run, excessive alcohol consumption actually damages blood vessels and contributes to high blood pressure and even heart disease, both of which are contributing factors to erectile dysfunction.

I am going to share not only the secret to overcoming your erectile dysfunction but also how to get back your pride and confidence as a man.

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