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Excessive masturbation is a misuse of sexual power


Masturbation is not a physical abnormality, however, excessive masturbation is wrong, because it is a misuse of sexual powers.

It is fairly common for young boys and, less frequently, for young girls to masturbate (handle or rub their sex organs). Long-term involvement may become an emotional problem. Depression, low self-esteem, confusion about sexuality, guilt, shamefulness and sexual problems such as erectile disability are observed among people resorting to excessive and prolonged masturbation.

Masturbation is not a physical abnormality, however excessive masturbation is wrong, because it is a misuse of sexual powers and frequent masturbation with excessive and vigorous behavior (handling) may lead to weakening of tissues in the blood veins, which manifests as *erectile* dysfunction, do not give excessive stress on the penile structure by bending or subjecting it to excessive friction by lying on the stomach. Such condition can potentially create damages to veins in the penis.

Masturbation is the process of bringing about a voluntary excitement of the sexual centres following generally by the discharge of semen, through some method other than normal sexual intercourse. In other words, "Masturbation" means ejaculation of semen by hand. There are various devices resorted to for the purpose, but because of the hand to practice it, it is widely known as "HAND PRACTICE". This habit is also known as "Self-Abuse" since it is done by one’s own self by his own hand.

There are exceptions when masturbation is also done by someone else that is... one engages one’s own wife for this act and rather prefers it even to normal coitus. This sort of device is found among those who are accustomed to hard friction and this habit is formed since childhood and therefore they cannot derive much thrill and pleasure from normal coitus. The other common device is to lie down on the abdomen and rubbing the penis against the pillow or the bed as if performing the sexual intercourse and to discharge semen with thrill and pleasure.

There is hardly any young man who does not masturbate at one time or the other. The self-abuse is the prime cause of various sexual disorders and it is one of the earliest abuses when a boy engages himself in this evil act. Masturbation has serious consequences since it drains the young men of his vital forces and in many cases, it causes impotency if it is over-indulged. Therefore, parents are advised to keep a watch on their children against all possible factors which can tempt their children to masturbate.

Following are some of the causes which incite young men to undertake this evil practice:

The main cause is bad company, where children hear and discuss sexual topics and in the bad society, they themselves engaged in masturbation collectively without any shame. This is the very first and wrong step which leads to many bad practices to play with the immature sexual organs at the very tender age. Since this evil act gives intense pleasure, they keep on doing quite regularly without knowing the adverse effects of the masturbation in the future to come. If this practice is overdone, it ruins the matrimonial lives due to impotency.

Secondly, house servants also invite young boys to this vice by playing with their sexual organs. Thus, parents should keep an open eye and they should not allow their children for longer hours to be with their domestic servants in seclusion. Furthermore, sending their boys to distant schools along with their young children, without any supervision, may also lead to similar consequences since servants can caress the children if they find lonely road or place. Further, young children should also not be carried on cycles in front of the servants or in a car beside the driver.

Not only domestic servants, but even young friends or relatives should be relied upon. Therefore, children should not be allowed to sleep on a common bed along with the relatives or friends as some of them may pollute the children or young boys.

It has also been found that in many instances, the young ones are taught the first sexual lesson by the maid-servants. Thus, boys should not be allowed to be with maid-servants in seclusion or to lie in the same bed.

The parents, in the best interest of the boy’s future, they should also take guard to avoid his boy to lying in the same bed with other young ladies who are separated from their husbands since it has also been noticed on several occasions that such ladies due to their ungratified sexual desire, they lure the boy to spoil him.

Furthermore, sleeping more than one child in the same bed should also be avoided, since they may handle one another’s male organ. Once they are habitual of this, they would like to masturbate in seclusion places like the bathroom, latrine or in lonely places.

The parents should also take care not to indulge themselves in intercourse where the children are present since it is one of the prime causes of this evil as the children imitate their parents out of their curiosity.

Another cause which invites the boy to masturbate is the uncleanness of the genital organ since the collection of smegma in the pit of glens leads to sexual excitement in several cases. Therefore, daily cleanliness of the genital is needed.

The other cause of masturbation is rectal worms. The worms cause irritation to the anus and consequently it gives rise to the erection of the penis. In such circumstances, boy handles his penis which gives intense pleasure to masturbate and later it forms the habit of masturbation.

Over and above, following are also the causes to excite sexual organs to masturbate:

Chronic Constipation.

Excessive use of sour foods.

Excessive use of stimulating diets such as meat, eggs, tea, etc.

Seeing of sexual and love scenes in T. V., cinemas.

Reading of romantic literature, novels, etc.

Talking about sexual problems with young ladies in seclusion.

There is no exact age is fixed to begin this abuse since long before the attainment of teenage years, boys have been found involved in this practice.

Once the habit of masturbation becomes the part and parcel of life, among young bachelor boy it may also route to prostitution, which invites terrible venereal diseases.

Some of the after-effects of masturbation are:



Eyesight becomes dim

Premature Ejaculation.

Dizziness and loss of memory.

A continuous headache and backache.

Palpitation of heart on slightest exertion.

Unable to perform any heavy physical or mental work.

Extreme loss of semen makes us loose immunity of our body

Unani physician believes “The semen is the main energy source of a male body”

AIDS is a disease which close downs the resistant power of our body and if a AIDS patients get infected with simple cold… it can be developed into the serious problem of pneumonia…because the AIDS patient do not have the immune power to fight against simple cold germs

Likewise extreme masturbation results loss of semen in a great level and which can have an effect on immune power so such persons can transform into a museum of diseases with profound weakness.

Too mush of self-pleasuring can have major ill effects on your health.

Let us learn more about it.

1. Too much masturbation leads to addiction, It disturbs the Dopamine level in the brain. As such masturbation is not bad for health but too much of it can lead to never ending needs.

2. It Kills your interest in everyday activities, It kills your creativity and imaginations.

3. It leads to a decrease in Testosterone levels, It's a vital hormone for a man and too much self-pleasuring can drastically affect the health.

4. Excessive self-pleasuring can make you look older than your age, No one wants to look older especially if it's not due to the passage of time.

5. Excessive masturbation can make you act immature, It affects the cognition abilities of the brain, hence you act childish.

6. Frequent masturbation can increase the chances of you falling sick, It weakens your immune system.

7. It may even lead to your death,Yeah, it's the worst that can happen to you if you are obsessed with self-pleasuring. A 23-year-old Chinese died under similar circumstances.

8. Too much self-pleasuring can reduce your sperm count, Couples who wish to get pregnant should not masturbate.

9. Masturbation is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction, This may result in an unhappy sex life.

To remain strong… a structure needs to be reinforced cement and similarly to retain energy in our body throughout the life, we should not utilise this energy excessively and we must preserve it to maintain our sexual prowess and by this method, we can enjoy healthy sexual life till our end.Only good food is not enough to regenerate lost vigour and vitality, you need unique and precise medication to improve sexual prowess without any side effects.

Only good food is not enough to regenerate lost vigour and vitality, you need unique and precise medication to improve sexual prowess without any side effects.

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