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Why do sexologist doctors publishing advertisement?


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Why do sexologist doctors publishing advertisement?

This is a very good doubt and I like to tell 3 reasons for this question:

For centuries, sexual problems have been presumed to be the result of mental (or psychogenic) disorders, and countless millions of patients have either undergone ineffective psychiatric treatment for sexual problems. Many people do not know that in most cases physical rather than psychological causes are responsible for impotence. In 80-90 percent of cases of chronic impotence, the cause is not in the mind but in the body and if a person is “YOUNG AT HEART” physical improvement can be obtainable and he can enjoy sexual bliss throughout the life. In view of the above, Sexologists like to offer such awareness to the general public as a service, through their advertisements.

Sexual problem is a very private and confidential issue, and the person who is suffering from such difficulty doesn’t want to discuss this problem even with his close associate. Furthermore, Ignorance, myths, superstition, guilt, stigma and taboo are attached to anything that is sexual because of which many people are unaware of where to approach for such a private and confidential problems.

The masculine egos of our patients do not normally permit them to share their experience with other people even though they have gained permanent cure from our service. If all people who are facing various sexual problems, concerns and confusions have to be educated on effective solutions for their problems only media advertising can reach to all of them. These are the main causes for regular advertisement released by sexologists.

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